Welcome to Happy Fest

The TLM Group was launched in 2022 to support, guide and connect those involved in the Wellness Industry. Soon after its inception, HappyFest was launched. A unique, family friendly festival set in the grounds of Crawfordsburn Forest Park which promotes optimal wellness for body, mind and soul.

Tickets for 7th July 2024 can be bought here

Initially thought of as a one off event, the feedback from over 1000 people that turned up on that first day inspired us to grow and evolve significantly in a short space of time.

Since that first festival TLM Group has also introduced mindfulness and personal development courses, wellness retreats, corporate wellness and the festival has grown significantly to be at the forefront our local wellness scene attracting exhibitors and attendees from all over Ireland and beyond.

Buy tickets for Happyfest 2024 – Sunday 7th July here

Our message is simple – Community Over Competition

Our Core Values at TLM Group are :-

  • To connect, support and provide a platform to those offering a service to improve wellness and wellbeing
  • To inspire and assist people to live a better quality of life
  • To help facilitate the improvement in mental wellbeing on a national scale.

TLM Group was founded out of passion and pain. Our founder has been open and vulnerable to her own struggles and have turned that into deep passion to be of service to others.

Ciara Daly

Ciara Daly is an Entrepreneur and fierce advocate for empowering women. Asides from being a devoted mum and yoga enthusiast, Ciara is passionate about all things somatic, How do you feel?

Having studied the world of personal development for the last 20 years, Ciara has tuned her attention to the body – The only home you will ever have.

“The quality of our life is as a result of our habitual feelings, but we either ignore them or be controlled by them when in actual our emotions are the language of our body, they are speaking to us, teaching us. Its time to become a student of these as when you start to listen and live in harmony with your body, mind and soul…everything changes.