Our award winning 6 week course

The Pursuit of Happiness has received great acclaim last year with its past-present- future concept to help you heal from your past, embody the present and create your future.

Once again we bring you experts in the field that so that transformation continues long after the 6 week course, with the help of the facilitators and those in attendance. Have a look at an overview of our exciting concept

Week 1

Ciaran May and Ciara Daly

In person meet up, workbooks with an introduction to the mind – body connection and helping you map out your journeys towards your potential and find your purpose in life.

Week 2

Vivian Mc Kinnon

Vivian is Irelands leading trauma expert having trained under Dr Gabor Mate whilst also running HydroEase – A counselling and flotation tank centre in Dundonald, Vivian will help you heal the emotional wounds of the past so that you can find the magic within yourself in the present moment.

Week 3

Lisa Mc Farland

Irelands leading relationship coach – teaches us the communication skills to improve any relationship whether be with aa partner, child, parent but most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

Week 4

Seamus Fox

Human Behaviour Expert Seamus Fox helps you work out your core values while helping you design your new and improved mental blueprint that’s congruent with your own personal purpose, goals and desires.

Week 5

Amanda St John

Transformational Life Coach helps you create the future version of you, Who do you want to be known as? A step by step guide towards your highest self in a high energy and impactful session that will leave you inspired and full of confidence for the journey ahead.

Week 6

Ciaran May and Ciara Daly

Bringing it all together to provide you with the tools for a fulfilled life. Lifetime support from our experts in helping you continue your metamorphosis towards your brilliant authentic self.

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Corporate Wellness

  • With decades of experience in the private and public sectors we are all too well aware of the stresses, trials and tribulations that comes with balancing growth with rest, parenting with independence and performance with recovery.
  • The success of any team or company is solely dependant on its people, and we know people! Staff mental health and absenteeism is at an all time high but with a little know how and strategy this can be drastically reduced.
  • We have access to industry leading experts, top speakers, facilitators and wellness business to completely design, arrange and deliver your companies wellbeing events no matter how big or small, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.

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